Irrigation and Land Reclamation Sector

  • ILCEV Irrigation and Land Reclamation Sector
  • ILCEV Irrigation and Land Reclamation Sector

Low-pressure Irrigations
Land Reclamation
6.3 m³ Concrete Blocks

ILCEV developed technology and experience in water management systems. The wide range of manufactured products allows both the implementation of irrigation networks, from the origins to a widespread distribution in the district, and the building of land reclamation systems to convey the waters into valley drainage channels.
For the irrigation ILCEV produces manufactured products for large and small-scale water distribution and for open and low-pressure irrigation. Every item, either circular, flat-based, with a rectangular and trapezoidal section is designed to meet the various requirements of irrigation networks. The use of manufactured products with built-in deforming Neoprene joint enables us to meet the requirements of low-pressure networks as far as tightness is concerned.
None of ILCEV manufactured products need any completion castings during the laying phase and they enable the production of pressure, open or mixed systems.
For land reclamations systems, the entire ILCEV’s product range can be used by the project planner in order to solve all problems concerning the orography of the territory.
In order to carry out works which aim at shielding maritime constructions, ILCEV designed special structures made up of concrete blocks.

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