Microtunneling – trenchless

  • ILCEV microtunneling
  • ILCEV microtunneling

Microtunneling Trenchless pipe laying system

Microtunneling is the most advanced system to lay down sewage networks, a system which does not require surface trenches to install pipes nor any labour force inside the drilling tunnel. This system is particularly suitable for environmentally low-impact operations under roads, railway lines, water streams and other significant obstacles. It requires a minimum equipment for the diversion of underground utility networks, removes the risks concerning workers’ safety (as per legislative decree 494/96) and reduces the social costs concerning conventional working operations.
ILCEV, always careful to the various requirements concerning pipe laying techniques, is able to provide the suitable pipes for this leading edge system thanks to a range of products that, both for their precision and technological content, simplify the process of keeping the pipeline straight optimizing the effort distribution.

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