Elliptical pipes

  • ILCEV Elliptical pipes
  • ILCEV Elliptical pipes
  • ILCEV Elliptical pipes

Elliptical pipes – Sewage Sector

The elliptical pipe is the alternative to rectangular, square and ovoidal sections for a better hydraulic performance. The elliptical geometry means smaller overall dimensions in comparison to any other section with equal capacity load. The double use, both vertical and horizontal, enables an easier pipe laying and also to have less trench and backfilling volumes.

  • a more suitable geometry to the various needs of the purchaser;
  • an optimized industrial realization in economic terms;
  • a great pipe laying easiness and safety with a coupling ring incorporated on the male on site and certification of the dimensional control of the ends of the manufactured product for the safety of the joint and its efficacy.
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Technical data Elliptical pipes
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