Road and Culvert Sector

  • ILCEV Road and Culvert Sector
  • ILCEV Road and Culvert Sector

Utility channels
New Jersey barriers

In the road sector ILCEV developed prefabricated components which are important to solve construction and safety problems. These products originate from the needs of a new society where service networks are more and more widespread, road networks increase and safety is becoming an always more important issue. ILCEV developed the production of New Jersey barriers, modular components aimed at separating the vehicle flow which guarantee very high safety standards bearing the impact with heavy weights. The study and the consideration of the granulometric curve in the mixture used enables the finished product to have excellent physical and mechanical characteristics which are acknowledged and appreciated on the market. In the road sector ILCEV produces preformed concrete units with rectangular section developed in order to enable many services (waterworks, electrical and service distribution networks, as well as telecommunications, wiring and district heating), thus enabling their maintenance with easier access systems and internal spaces to walk through. A full range of utility channels aimed at meeting the requirements of town centres of different sizes. Each component is manufactured at the plant and then delivered to the building site in order to be laid.

Building sites