Circular pipes with GLIPP joint

  • ILCEV Circular pipes with GLIPP joint
  • ILCEV Circular pipes with GLIPP joint

Circular pipes with GLIPP joint – Sewage Sector

Impermeability is the most important feature of a sewer or irrigation pipe. It protects against seepages, pollution leaks and waste of resources. In the pipeline the parts which are most at risk are the joints between the different manufactured products. In order to avoid the drawbacks of a poor impermeability, FORSHEDA, world leader in the production of special rubbers, designed and implemented the GLIPP JOINT: a practical solution which can be applied to pipes, inspection manholes, special parts such as reductions, inlets and different connections. After having tested the application safety of this revolutionary system, ILCEV introduced it in its own production. The GLIPP JOINT has an extra advantage in terms of saving time for pipe laying operations; it has in fact a self-centering sliding system and it is lubricated in order to allow an easy and safe assembly.

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Technical data Circular pipes with GLIPP joint
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