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A path started in 1959 which in many years of presence on the construction and building market, made it possible for the ILCEV trademark to conquer and maintain its leadership in the production of concrete and polycrete manufactured products in the following sectors:

  • Sewing system
  • Microtunneling
  • Irrigation
  • Roads
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A path started in 1959 which in many years of presence on the construction and building market, made it possible for the ILCEV trademark to conquer and maintain its leadership in the production of concrete and polycrete manufactured products. Such important targets are the result of a strong determination and focusing on a constant product and process standard improvement with an attitude always open and receptive towards innovation.
ILCEV accepted and overcame the challenge of globalization through the development of cutting edge products, technologies and services designed for advanced markets, by building partnerships and strengthening cooperation relationships with national and international companies.
Research, development, innovation, flexibility, orientation towards the market and synergies with partner companies; these are the ingredients used by ILCEV to conceive its work, products and services; a winning formula that will surely go hand in hand with the company during its evolution over the next years.

  • Ilcev
  • Ilcev


The vibrating concrete technology allows a greater quality control in every phase, thus ensuring a high working reliability.
The product range can be used with the conventional gravity system, with open-cut pipe laying or with the innovative microtunneling system.
As an extra guarantee for the watertightness of its products, ILCEV, together with the best European manufacturing companies, chose and developed perfectly watertight coupling systems. ILCEV is the only Italian trademark that launched polycrete pipe manufacturing.
This is a highly reliable material as far as strength, elasticity and corrosion resistance are concerned. It is especially suitable both for the conventional open cut trench pipe laying and for the microtunneling system.

  • Ilcev technology
  • Ilcev technology


The product range for the Sewage System Sector, apart from conventional manufactured concrete products, is also made up of polycrete manufactured products which provide a solution to the building of new networks and the integration of existing ones.
Microtunneling is an advanced system for sewage network laying, as well as innovative because it is a trenchless system.
The Irrigation and Land Reclamation Sector is made up of elements with different shapes conceived and designed to meet every requirement concerning irrigation networks.
The Road and Culvert Sector means safety on the road. For communication routes, ILCEV produces a wide range of concretes and utility channels.

  • Ilcev products
  • Ilcev products
  • Ilcev canali


ILCEV’s quality concept does not only represent the real value of the product but a wider and more general concept that involves not only all business processes but also customers’ relationships and the support provided to them. Within the entire process ILCEV’s quality control system checks every production step of the entire range: sizes and finishes are checked in order to guarantee units which can be perfectly assembled with one another and with an excellent tightness.
In compliance with the ISO 9001/2008 regulations, ILCEV gives an identification mark to the products which enables us to trace back the raw materials used in the mixture, the semi-finished products, the curing times of concrete and the controls carried out on the finished product.
ILCEV’s experience and constant research and update work also allow offering a project support service to control the study and implementation of networks of any capacity, supported by a leading production technology.

  • Ilcev quality
  • Ilcev quality

customer service

ILCEV’s high skill level does not remain within the company. The service and technical support that ILCEV provides its customers create an extra added value to the quality of the products. ILCEV’s technicians have project and technical skills, as well as a great experience which enable them to outline global solutions for the most diverse requirements and they also support the purchaser during the planning phase, thus supplying technical and regulatory information, as well as supporting data.
We also offer operational and management skills which represent a support to the company in choosing the right pipe laying method.
ILCEV’s support also implies being able to consult a database of the full product range.

  • Ilcev customer service
  • Ilcev customer service


Today’s market is experiencing a continuous evolution and at the same time it needs more targeted solutions and planning skills, as well as willingness and skills in the process management.
ILCEV has an organized structure that, as far as skills and expertise are concerned, can offer proactive solutions as to the requirements and needs of a constantly developing and changing environment.
The power of interacting without any interruptions with the external world and, as a consequence, of being able to adapt in a flexible way planning skills and technical-operational structures, enables ILCEV to have a relaxed attitude towards future challenges.

  • Ilcev future
  • Ilcev future